The Universe Doesn’t Have a Plan

Your life is not a well-directed film, a strategically planned book, or a roller coaster of eye gluing plot twists, your life is not written in the stars or destined for greatness, your life is yours to take control of and whatever it consists of will be a direct result of you, your actions and reactions; not the universe’s great plan. The belief that things are simply ‘meant to be’ is depriving you of your total and utter control over your life, your experiences and your choices. To think that certain things are meant to be is to think that your actions, no matter what they are, will always result in the same consequence, but this is unfathomable.

Think about the entire history of the universe, of which we know next to nothing about, think about all the galaxies, stars, asteroid’s, planets, rocks, particles and supernovas, and then there’s our tiny blue planet in the midst of it all. The universe isn’t going to drop your dreams in your lap wrapped in delicate ribbon, the universe is far too busy and far too big to care.  To think that each and every one of our lives is planned in advance would deny us of our own free will, deny us of shaping our own future. The universe doesn’t sit with a pen and paper and plan out our lives, we create it.

You cannot control the entropy of the world, or live forever, the only thing you can do is make every moment count. You can affect the lives of the people around you, subsequently affecting your own life, you can partake in your passions, you can follow your ambitions. You can do whatever it is you want to do, because this is your moment. You are a nanosecond to the universal clock, and when your time is up its gone and you’ll never get it back, so why waste it?

Nobody is going to hand you your achievements, make you an admirable person, or a success if you wait for the universe to fulfil its plan for you, you are the only person that can make those achievements happen, not the universe and its almighty psychic power. If you wanted to go buy milk, you wouldn’t wait for the universe to find some miraculous way to teleport you to the shops, you wouldn’t get a special delivery of milk appear at your door, you’d get up and go do it yourself. So why treat your goals any different? To get what you want, you have to get up and go do it yourself.

You are writing your own story, building your own path day by day, step by step. So, if you want to write a book, write it, if you want to organise an event, do it, if you want to build something incredible, go for it, because the only person stopping you is you. The universe isn’t planning this for you, you’re planning this for yourself.


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